VOCs treatment process for thermal storage catalytic combustion equipment (RCO)


Regenerative catalytic combustion technology is a new type of exhaust gas purification method. It is based on regenerative thermal oxidation technology (RTO)and regenerative catalytic technology (RCO), using a series of energy-saving designs and materials to develop into a modern advanced organic waste gas treatment technology. Exhaust gas at a temperature of 250 ° C ~ 400 ° C, through the action of the catalyst to oxidize the organic pollutants in the exhaust gas into harmless carbon dioxide and water, to achieve the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas. It has the advantages of high heat recovery rate, no secondary pollution, low energy consumption, safety and long service life.


Working method:

The organic waste gas enters the oxidation furnace through the blower, is heated by the oxidation of the fuel, and is heated to about 250 to 300 °C. At this temperature, the organic components in the exhaust gas are oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the action of the catalyst. At the same time, the high-temperature flue gas after the reaction enters the ceramic regenerator of a special structure, and most of the heat is absorbed by the regenerator(95% or more), the temperature is reduced to near the inlet temperature and then discharged through the chimney to achieve the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas, and the heat absorbed by the virtual heat is used to preheat the subsequent exhaust gas, thereby reducing the reaction temperature and reducing the consumables.

High efficiency: high exhaust gas purification rate, up to 95%, high heat recovery rate

Safety: low temperature reaction, equipped with fire protection system, alarm device and other protective measures

No secondary pollution: no secondary pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, no secondary pollution caused by all processes

Automatic control, low energy consumption: simple operation, automatic alarm in case of failure, low energy consumption

Long service life: high temperature stainless steel edging, anti-corrosion and durable, long catalyst life

Applicable industries: waste gas treatment in drying production lines of paints, rubber, paints, plastic products, printing inks, petrochemicals, as well as coating drying exhaust gas treatment in automobile, shipbuilding, container, household appliances and other production plants.

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